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In July of 2002, AsktheChief.com was created to be a resource for all sailors.  Our expertise is currently in the Submarine force, but if you are a Surface Warrior or Airdale you can still ask a questions.  The Chiefs Mess reaches far and wide and we will do our best to answer every question, or direct you in the right direction.  Email your question to thechief at askthechief dot com today!

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29 09 2007

Hello, Chief,
I am in joint command with the Marines more than half are sailors. We have CO PT and SGTMAJ PT once a month on different days and it is before working hours. I was to understand that the CNO said that the command would make time for command PT during working hours. I do not mind the PT but going to work 1 1/2 before the work day starts. Now can the CO change so our working changes just for CO PT Days.
Thank you

29 09 2007
The Chief


The answer to your question is yes. The CO can adjust working hours to meet mission and operational requirements, including PT.

OPNAV 1001.16K
“The Navy’s standard workweeks are key elements in the calculation of Navy manpower requirements…They are for planning purposes only and are not restrictive nor binding on commanders or commanding officers in establishing individual working hours. Daily workload intensity is a function of operational requirements; as such, the actual day-to-day management of personnel is the responsibility of the commanding officer. ”

OPNAV 6110.1H:
“11. COs shall:
a. Aggressively integrate physical readiness activities into the workweek while meeting mission and operational requirements. Physical readiness activities shall include a minimum of three sessions per week devoted to moderate and moderately high intensity physical conditioning. Physical conditioning sessions should be at least 60 minutes in length to allow for proper warm-up and cool-down, and target at least 30-45 minutes of continuous aerobic activity.”

23 11 2007

If I am naval reservist could I volunteer to go on a deployment overseas?

24 11 2007
The Chief


Yes, of course you can! And good on you for thinking of it. You can volunteer for mobilization at this website.


Good Luck!!

The Chief

26 08 2008

I am wondering if you know of any good links or locations that have some good examples of letters of commendation. I don’t want to resay the same thing from previous letters.
Any help would be appreciated.

27 08 2008
The Chief

PS1 N,

Your best bet is to ask the Chief’s at your command. Most of my fellow brother’s and sisters keep a binder of the letters they have written or received. These binders are excellent resources.

The Chief

12 09 2008

Question asked on 19 Jun 2007 by IC1 GONZALEZ :

Can a service member while in military uniform wear motorcycle safety gear (jacket, vest or chaps ), to and from the motorcycle?”

There is no official Uniform reg that covers this issue but in researching this I found numerous local base instructions covering motorcycle safety clothing. Being a daily rider myself I have worn my jacket and chaps into the office but I always wear my cover ( just in case a salute is required). In the summer months I normally leave all my gear with my bike, it is just too hot to wear it all into the work site. My best advice, as always, is to discuss this issue with your base CMC. Your base commander sets the uniform standards not covered in the Uniform regs and the CMC is the person who will have the right answer. Enjoy your ride and remember all the worries of the day can be solved with just a TWIST OF THE WRIST.”

True answer:

Navy Uniform Regs:


1. WEAR. Naval personnel may wear protective clothing with their uniform only while operating or riding as a passenger on two or three wheeled vehicles, and while going between a parking area and immediate work space.

6 07 2009

BAH for military members paying child support.

I am a active duty service member, who is divorced from an active duty service member. My ex-wife (who is still active duty) and I have children together, and I pay child support for our children (children are on my Pg 2, and I pay support via a DFAS allotment). Two years ago, I remarried an active duty service member, and I would like to know if I am entitled to BAH w/dependents? For the record, my last two duty stations said yes, and I received BAH w/dependent. It was not until I checked in with PSD San Diego was I told no (So were many of my other shipmates. Some made to pay back thousands of dollars). I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Reference: OPNAVINST 7220.12

6 07 2009
The Chief


There are a lot of circumstances to answer your question. The Joint Federal Travel Regulations Chapter 10, Part C, Article U10208 explains most of the conditions. Some of it depends on what your ex-wife is getting in terms of allowance. I hope this helps.

The Chief

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