Can I Wear My Uniforms on Special Occasions?

11 04 2007

Q: From SK3

I got off of active duty in 2005 now a vet my question can I wear my uniforms on special occasions like funerals, wedding

A: SK3,
If you received a Honorable Discharge and you served during war time (If you wear a National Defense Medal you that qualifies you) than you are authorized to wear the uniform. Below is from the DoD directive.

“Directive 1334.1 states;

“3.2Former members of the Armed Forces, unless under another provision of this Instruction or under the terms of Section 772 of title 10, United States Code (reference (d)), who served honorably during a declared or undeclared war and whose most recent service was terminated under honorable conditions may wear the uniform in the highest grade held during such war service only on the following occasions and in the course of travel incident thereto:
“3.2.1. Military funerals, memorial services, weddings, and inaugurals.”

Thanks for the question.

Have a great Navy day!
The Chief




2 responses

1 04 2008
Richard George

Can EX-Airforce man wear his uniform when going to court or small claims court?

Do you have the answer and where can I find it.

If they cannot wear the uniform outside of the Uniform Regulation where can a person notify the military as to take some action to prevent this from happening again?


6 04 2008
The Chief


The same DOD instruction listed above applies. The member cannot wear his uniform to court.

My advice would be to notify the Military Police at your closest installation. You need to have as much information on the person as possible to assist them.

The Chief

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